MiMedx Says it Filed Lawsuit Related to Short Seller Attacks

MiMedx Group, Inc (MDXG), a producer of regenerative biomaterial products, said Wednesday that it has filed a lawsuit against Viceroy Research and Sparrow Fund Research, John Fichthorn, BR Dialectic Capital Management and certain others for libel, slander, defamation, false light and tortious interference with business relations.

“We contend the defendants knowingly concocted and disseminated false statements against MiMedx and our employees to our shareholders, the investment community and the public at large,” said CEO Parker Petit.

“To manipulate the market and serve their financial interest in driving down the price of MiMedx stock, they made these misleading statements. In their baseless statements, they either purposely omitted facts or context favorable to MiMedx, made suggestions concerning the company that ran counter to the facts known by the defendants, or refused to do any informational and fact-finding due diligence, but just published any information that supported their conspired short thesis.”

Shares were 2.1% higher in recent morning trade.

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